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Inter-Tech Communications Inc's ITC123 Credit Department & Credit Policy

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We typically will extend business credit to qualified business customers.  Our terms are typically NET30 or NET 30 terms.  Discounts may be offered for cash or up front payments, we also accept all major credit cards.  We understand that by helping businesses and extending credit, we are helping our customers grow, which in the long run benefits our business as well.  We value our customers and business partners and are always seeking ways to help.

As a matter of company policy, Customers who are extended credit are typically reported to the major Business Credit Bureaus.  Positive or Negative payment experiences may be reported depending on your business's payment habits.  Customers who pay their bills on time will generally be rewarded with higher credit scores and ratings with the business credit bureaus.  Customers who do not pay their bills on time, or after a grace period, may be reported as Delinquent to the business credit bureaus.

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