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  In this day and age, every single business should have a website & professional emails in order to be legitimate and competitive in the marketplace. The vast majority of our small business clients have often told us that one of the biggest challenges that they face is cash flow.  The lack of cash is probably one of the biggest reasons any business would go without a website or professional emails.   Customers know this, Banks know this, Business Owners know this, pretty much everyone knows this!

     So our company has come up with a way to help level the playing field.  EVERY BUSINESS can now have a website & professional emails done for them, for pennies on the dollar of what others are charging!  We are allowing business owners to purchase on credit, and also at the lowest possible costs (in many cases we are selling these services below cost, to allow everyone to take advantage of the advantages of having a business website and professional emails regardless of circumstances!).

     We are always looking to partner with local colleges and Universities that teach website design, programming & other computer Information Technology services.  Through internships and other arrangements we can help website designers learn new & valuable skills while helping our small business clients get websites & professional emails that they genuinely need, all while offering the lowest possible cost to businesses!  It is truly a WIN-WIN situation for our clients and web designers!

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